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Kid's Corner

A cool collection of content for kids & youth

Happy Kids Huddle

We are under construction!

We want your help!!
Tell us what you want to see here. Activities? Jokes? Stories? Contests? We want to hear what you think. You can email us with the contact form at the bottom of the page or just click here......


Need a smile? Try our joke of the day... 

What did the ocean say to the surfer?

Nothing it just waved!

Girl With Skateboard

We want this space to be a place to learn and grow. 

Young people have challenges too and we want this page to help you face them.



There are many great ways that coming to see a psychologist can help you. Here are a just a few. 


Keep Calm and Keep Kidding Along. 

Did you know that keeping calm is a skill you can actually learn and practice?  It is!! We can teach you cool ways to get your calm back. 


Scary Stuff 

Sometimes life has scary stuff and we can help you find ways to be brave and be ok. 


Big Feelings 

Psychologists love big feelings. We can help you understand them and feel better about having them. 


Tricky Troubles 

Sometimes life plays tricks on us and sends up some troubles. We can give you new ways to take them on and be your best self. 

We are Planning More Stuff for this page...
but for now

With a Rainbow!

How do you tie up a cloud? 


Meanwhile have you met Jorge?

He is the logo for Balance Psychological Service and a very wise character...although he can also be mischievous. Check back to read more about Jorge's adventures.

Well time flies and we have to get back to work but we are glad you stopped in to check out our new page. We are still building so things will be changing and growing just like you are. We look forward to seeing you again. 

So Pop back in Soon to See What's Up!

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