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Our Non-Human Team

Why us? 

Well because Winston Churchill was right and "there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" or woman, or child. 


We have the ability to reach parts of you that you may not even know you have. 

For more information on how Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help you please see our blog and resources page. 


Equine Facility Only

In person visits only


Equine Specialist


Half Percheron and half Quarter horse Bob is the grounding force on our Equine Team. His steady presence and calm demeanour provide the rock solid basis of the barnyard. He may be massive but he is unflappable and you can always tell how relaxed he is by his bottom lip.



Equine Specialist 


Whiz is a registered Paint who forgot to get his painted patches!! As the senior horse on the team at age 21 Whiz likes to show off his good looks and share his wisdom. He can usually be found hanging out in the midst of the action.



Equine Specialist 


Star likes to be the star of the show but how can you blame him as he is so gorgeous. Although not a full time resident Star is a regular visitor and Balance Psych Services team member. Star shines in the pasture like the star he is.




Canine Specialist/Fence Inspector


Bronx is the bounciest boy you will ever meet. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie Cross. Maybe it is all those B's in his breeding that give him his bounce. He loves hanging out with friends and showing off his fence jumping skills. 



Equine Specialist 


Diego is our charming and handsome gentleman who thinks he may be part dog! He loves hanging out with friends and getting pets. Just be forewarned... he likes to lick hands! I wonder if we taste good to him? 




Equine Specialist 


Highlander is our flashy fellow who stands out in the crowd. With his two colored eyes and coat this Paint did NOT forget his patches. He is hard to miss and easy to like. Fun fact ... Highlander is allergic to hay! Imagine that a horse that is allergic to hay. 


Slick & friend

Equine Specialist 


Slick is as smooth and glossy as his name suggests. He loves to work and can put on some speed when asked, but he loves his naps in the sun just as much. Slick can slide into your heart just as quick as can be but that's ok as he is a great friend to have around the herd. 



Canine Specialist /Gate Monitor


Duke is the designated tester of our gates and will sneak past you if given half the chance. He is working on his boundaries but until they improve we all do the 'Duke Scooch' to get through without him. 

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"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"

- Winston Churchill
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