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"It's like a monkey on my back, always nagging at me and weighing me down. It’s like this little creature that sits on my shoulder, chattering away in my ear and making it impossible for me to focus or think clearly. The more anxious I feel, the heavier and more burdensome the monkey becomes.”

Psychology Session

Anxiety is wired into our nervous system. In fact, it is actually there for very healthy reasons. When we are feeling pressured, threatened or stressed, it can spur us into action to help us stay alert, become motivated to resolve issues and make us aware of any risks. However, sometimes it begins to take hold, like a monkey on your back, as described above. When this occurs, we can feel helpless, confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. But how do you know if your anxiety is turning is getting out of hand?


Your anxiety might be an issue if...

  • Excessive concern plagues your mind regarding work, family, finances, well-being, academic performance, or any other aspect of life.

  • You actively avoid certain situations or individuals due to your fear of encountering anxiety, panic, humiliation, or falling short of expectations.

  • Seeking constant validation is a common theme in your relationships.

  • The completion of tasks becomes challenging for you due to your perfectionism or tendency to procrastinate.

  • You grapple with specific phobias.

Anxiety therapy will help you...
  • Discover the root causes of your worries and fears.

  • Acquire fresh perspectives that are more positive and less intimidating when facing various situations.

  • Learn techniques to relax at any given time and place.

  • Enhance your coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills.

  • Gain the confidence to embrace new social settings and relationships.

  • Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

Our therapists at Balance Psychological have aided many individuals struggling with anxiety with several evidence-based modalities, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, logotherapy, EMDR, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Believe it or not, it IS possible to overcome the monkey on your back!


All of our therapists provide therapy for anxiety using approaches based on their own training. Visit our team page to read more about our therapists, contact our admin team to discuss which therapist is right for you, or requesting a no-fee consult using the contact form below.

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