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0-12 years old 

In our view, child therapy can be valuable even without signs of serious mental illness or major traumatic events, as it helps children cope with challenges they will face in daily life.

Psychologist for Children

At Balance Psychological, our Child Psychologists and Counsellors know that parents desire their children to experience happiness and good health. They collaborate closely with parents to comprehend the typical developmental milestones for children, pinpoint any worrisome aspects, and discover practical solutions that promote the well-being of children.

Our therapists implement play therapy (which includes sand tray) and other therapeutic techniques that enable them to connect with children and establish trusting relationships within a serene and nurturing setting. They adopt a family-centred approach, acknowledging that for children to thrive, parents and caregivers necessitate support and appropriate resources to fulfill their requirements.



Lorelei Hoyt


Ellen Cordell

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Aimee Hughes


Karley Lafreniere

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