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Fog and Nature

Working With Us

Let us take a moment to acknowledge that you have come this far! That is no small feat. However, we also want to allow you the opportunity to determine that Balance is a private practice that is well suited to you. Here are some of our fundamental beliefs that may help you out with this:

  • We are not advice givers. Instead, we guide you in realizing what decisions are best for you instead of simply giving you answers that may not be right for you. Which brings us to our next point...

  • YOU ARE THE EXPERT! You know your life best so if we mention something that might not feel right, you are allowed to disagree and continue the discussion further as to why.

  • We require our clients to take an active role in therapy. In other words, you are putting in the work to reach your goals! As much as we would love to be cheering you on after you leave our office, we can't. That might get weird.

  • We are a strength-based psychological practice, which means that we believe that every person has their own unique traits that can be utilized to get you through life's challenges, even if you don't see any right now.

  • It is our responsibility to ensure that every individual has the space to be vulnerable and this would not be possible without a safe environment. Our therapists are ready to meet you where you are at in your life without judgement.

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