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PTSD, trauma reactions, workplace stress and other mental health issues are now recognized as a common risk for Military personnel, Police, Paramedics, Firefighters and 911 Dispatch workers. We have therapists who are trained in providing therapy for First Responders.

We are sure you have heard the phrase, "Try walking a mile in their shoes, and then you may understand." Well, unfortunately, many of us cannot do that... We simply cannot understand the depth of your service and the sacrifices you have made; however, what we can do is provide you with therapists who are dedicated to serving you after everything you have done for us. At Balance, our therapists have worked with members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Edmonton Police officers, RCMP officers, Edmonton Fire Fighters and Edmonton Paramedics. We have extensive experience with insurance claims and working collaboratively with WCB to ensure you are being seen, heard, and advocated for. We firmly believe it is of the utmost importance to create a confidential and secure relationship with you as you maneuver through this new territory.

There are many things that change you throughout this career, and it can feel like a fight for your life to get back to the person you were before. We promise to fight with you,  to stand by your side as you navigate the reality of facing bureaucracy frustrations, PTSD symptoms, and identity challenges to begin the process of releasing your trauma so you no longer have to feel guarded, on edge, and exhausted.  



Kathy Rolfe


Amanda Dewar


Kiersten Todd

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