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Intimate relationships have their challenges. Sometimes, life throws you curveballs, which causes us to get stuck in the disturbance and lose touch with each other.

During challenging times, we employ evidence-based techniques to support couples in reuniting. Our approach is centred around attachment and utilizes interventions like Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) to foster a profound emotional bond and a deeper comprehension of each other's viewpoints, desires, and requirements.

Additionally, we incorporate The Gottman Method into our couples therapy, which is another evidence-based approach that concentrates on emotions, conflict resolution, acquiring new skills to enhance friendships, and establishing a shared sense of purpose.

Witnessing couples come together and grow even stronger is incredibly fulfilling for us. Our dedicated clinicians are committed to staying abreast of the latest research and employing the most effective therapeutic methods to assist couples.

Reasons to Attend Couples Therapy:
  • Discuss major life decisions together 

  • Pre-marital counselling

  • Work through deep emotions 

  • Navigating blended families

  • Learning new ways of communicating together 

  • Healing past hurts and rebuilding trust

  • Reconnecting with each other

  • Maneuvering divorce and separation 

  • Discovering romance and sexuality



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