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We get it... Life is busy. Sometimes, the last thing we want to do is drive across the city after we get home from a long day at work...

Online counselling
Why Virtual Therapy?

VT is a great way for people to access mental health support for people who do not have transportation, lack the time required to drive to the office, feel more secure in their own homes, or simply enjoy it more!

It is an excellent option for adults, couples, and most teens.

How Does it Work?

Luckily, we have a very simple way of accessing virtual therapy, allowing clients and therapists to concentrate on the important aspects. Once you choose to book a video appointment, your client portal via Jane will email you a link to open your session. Alternatively, if you prefer a phone session, your therapist will contact you at the provided number. Payments are made by credit card or e-transfer thereafter!

Is it Private?

While it is understandable that clients may be concerned about the security of online sessions, they can rest assured that their health information is completely secure when they schedule a session with us. Our platform for storing information is secure and encrypted, much like other platforms that deal with vulnerable services (i.e., online banking).


All of our therapists provide virtual therapy to serve you better. Visit our team page to read more about our therapists, contact our admin team to discuss which therapist is right for you, or requesting a no-fee consult using the contact form below.

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