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Ages 13-17

Some of our most meaningful growth occurs during this phase in our lives. So many new experiences take place as you begin to take your place in the very large world, which is why we acknowledge how stressful this can be.

Teenagers at Home

We take immense pride in providing a safe, secure, and private environment where young individuals can openly address and overcome challenges. Our dedicated therapists utilize a wide range of proven techniques to effectively assist and guide our young clients toward achieving their objectives, ensuring their overall well-being is prioritized every step of the way.

We firmly believe in the utmost importance of creating a confidential and nurturing space where minors can freely express themselves without any fear or judgment, thus fostering a sense of trust and security. As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, our therapists engage in open and ongoing discussions with clients and their parents to establish clear guidelines on what information will be kept confidential. By doing so, we strive to create a supportive, understanding atmosphere that encourages open communication and collaboration.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our approach to confidentiality with minors, our compassionate therapists are more than willing to provide further information and address any inquiries you may have before scheduling a session. Rest assured, we are here to ensure the well-being and privacy of your child.

Areas of Focus


Most of our therapists provide therapy for teens based on age. To determine who might be the best fit for you, consider checking out their profiles, taking our Therapist Match Quiz, or requesting a no-fee consult using the contact form below.

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