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Meet Schareen
MACP., Registered Provisional Psychologist

I was born and raised in Ireland, and my cultural background plays a huge role in guiding my day-to-day life. I moved to Montreal with my family in my teens and completed my College Diploma and Bachelor of Arts Degree there. After that, I made my way out to Alberta, where I was presented with some wonderful opportunities for growth and learning.

Since moving here, I have been honoured to become a Certified Family Group Conference Facilitator as per the First Nations Traditional Practice through Blue Quills College. I have become a Certified Addictions Worker, allowing me to specialize my counselling practice to serve those struggling with drug, alcohol, or behavioural addictions/compulsions. 

I believe life gives us puzzle pieces (experiences) that make up our mosaic. With each puzzle piece, we rearrange and adjust the picture to reflect the integration of each new piece we are given, each time recreating our unique and wonderful view. Problems surface when we are given new details, and we no longer want or know how to rearrange the picture. I believe my role is to support you in figuring out how the new puzzle piece fits into your life picture. So, you are the expert in the room! I will do my best to support you in figuring out how you want your new picture to look. To do this, we may draw techniques from various counselling styles; sometimes, we may talk; sometimes, we may use worksheets/lists; and sometimes, we may use guided visualization practices. We can focus on one specific section of your life or open it up to the big picture, whatever you feel you need to help you make sense of your journey.

Favourite Quote

An old Irish saying, “Giorraíonn beirt an bóthar” (Two people shorten the road).

I feel this is a hugely powerful message demonstrating connection's healing power. The distance and difficulty of the road have not changed, but having someone to face it with makes it feel manageable. To me, this saying truly encompasses what therapy is all about.

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